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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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there is developing news tonight at 11:00. a man shot by police officers in san francisco. you are looking at video from the scene. right now protests are breaking out in the streets at the scene of the shooting. tonight, kron4's reggie kumar is there live with the investigators and these latest developments with the protests. >> reporter: these protests have broken out as a result of tonight's shooting. the protestors are yelling "cops shot a kid" three times in the back. they are going down 14th street where the shooting took
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place earlier this evening. they have been yelling obscenities at police officers while i've been here. you can see how many are in the crowd, probably a little hundred 100. take a look -- a little less than 100. investigators say plain-clothed officers and proffers were on patrol in the mission to try and prevent more deadly violence that happened nearly garfield square park over the weekend. two officers saw 2 men on 14th street who they thought were possible gang members. as the two officers approached them, one took off running, and one officer went after the suspect. during the pursuit, investigators say the suspect pulled out a machine pistol, known as a tech-nine, and pointed it at the officer. >> during the foot pursuit, the suspect pulled a weapon. we're not sure where he had it on his
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person but he produced a weapon and turned toward the officer. the officer ordered the suspect to drop the weapon, the officer fired 2 shots fearing for his life. the suspect was struck by gun fire and he was subsequently transported to san francisco general hospital. at this point, his condition is described as nonlife threatening. >> reporter: it is not known if the suspect shot at the officer. police detained the other man. he is being questioned. it's still a very active scene, developing situation here. officers now in middle of the street patrolling the area for possible vandalism that these protestors may have caused here in san francisco. again, they're upset about the shooting that took place here this evening. >> reggie, we understand that all of this is affecting public transportation in the area. give us a sense of what's going on with that. >> reporter: well, we know a couple of muni buses have been
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rerouted. the 14 and i believe the 49. yes, that's right. it looks like the scene has wrapped up here though. so apparently public transportation may not be impacted any ronger -- any longer. >> our crews will keeps updated. in san rafael, an elderly woman hurt when a vehicle plows into a restaurant. all of this happening while a farmer's market was going on nearby. the driver who was a vendor was not hurt. no word on any other possible criminal charges. a first for the bay area. tomorrow, nasa is sending the shuttle endeavor on a tour of the bayarea. it's going to be the -- bay area.
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it's going to be the final flight as it moves to its home in los angeles. it will become part of a massive space exploration exhibit in la. nasa says we can expect a golden gate flyover some time after 9:30 in the morning. >> reporter: thursday afternoon, nasa delayed the space shuttle endeavor's plan to arrive here in the bay area by about an hour. they're hoping to get the shuttle here 9:30 in the morning. fog could make viewing difficult, so they decided to wait an extra hour. the shuttle riding atop a modified 747 is scheduled to take off from edwards airforce base friday morning. it will make a low-pass over sacramento then turn west over san francisco. we expect it here in
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the bay area around 9:30 am. that could change on the weather and cloud conditions friday morning. it will make two loops around the bay that will include flyovers of the golden gate and bay bridges. it could be as low as 1,500 feet. then it will head south to make a pass over moffitt field. then it's onto los angeles >> and because of the shuttle flyover, there will be extra officers on bay area highways tomorrow morning. the chp is warning drivers not to get distracted by the endeavor flyover. they want drivers to pay attention to driving. they say even a 1-second distraction can cause injury. the chp says any driver who is seen slowing down to take pictures or sticking their head out of the window will get ticketed.
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>> endeavor is coming from sacramento so if you're in the east bay and want to stay there, it should pass fairly close to walnut creek then loop around in the hayward area. the space and science center in the oakland hills will be open early to provide good views. basically, get yourself around the ocean, and the bay near the golden gate bridge, and you should be set. endeavor will pass over the bridge then expected to go out into the pacific just a little bit after headingly inland down the peninsula. that's why we're saying ocean beach is a good bet. nasa is saying coyote point in san mateo is a really good bet as is the bay land's nature preserve in palo alto, and moffitt field in mountain view. there will be an informal ceremony there that is open to the public.
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>> it really does look like the weather is going to cooperate with us. we're not seeing a cloud in sight. not near the coastline, not offshore, nothing. so this is a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. if we do see fog form, which the computer does suggest, it will be earlier in the morning closer to 4:00 to 6:00. and by 9:00, we'll be in the clear. the morning lows, temperatures in the low 50s for the bay shores. and san francisco, the coastline, a little chilly out there. but no fog really expected except for near the coast. we'll see the sunshine pretty quickly. temperatures warmer into the afternoon. >> and kron4 has awe covered if you -- has you covered if you don't venture out to see the shuttle yourself. you can watch continuing coverage of endeavor's last flight tomorrow morning on the kron4 morning news starting at 4:00 am. the bay area is just hours away from the release of apple's
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iphone 5, and demand is outpacing the supply. long lines at stores, including in palo alto. >> got to be the guy with it on the first day. >> reporter: the bear essentials for a camp-out, a generator, laptops and game consoles, plenty of blankets, and beverages. although these aren't exactly street legal. >> orange juice. no, apple juice. >> reporter: at one point, employees even made food deliveries, handing out free slices of pizza, and bottles of water for the dozens staying overnight for the iphone 5. >> it sounds so much more fun to wait overnight than to just order it online. my friend and i were talking about it a couple days ago, and we thought it would be a blast to camp out for it. >> reporter: will it live up to examinations? >> probably not.
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[ laughter ] >> why do you say that? >> it's never worth it. i'm standing in line 32 hours. >> reporter: most were more optimistic than that. >> they're sleek, they look nice, and they have a lot of great apps. >> reporter: people i spoke with don't see the camp-out as a sacrifice. >> it's apple. they always come out with revolutionary products and i'm excited. >> reporter: those spending night say they're almost guaranteed to get the phone. just a few cups of coffee and a few hours away, they'll have the iphone five. president obama and mitt romney both headed to the bay area. we'll tell you when. >> an 11 -year-old little boy who is shot at almost 1:00 in the morning, in his home in bed. >> what investigators have to say about a motive in this crime coming up.
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>> later in this broadcast, tiger woods she intimidated by -- woods, is he intimidated by rory mcilroy? [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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dition 2012. the presidential candidates are -- decision 12. the presidential candidates are both planning do some fundraising in the bay area. romney will attend an event in strawberry hill. $50,000 will get you dinner with the candidate. president obama is returning to san francisco for a fundraising trip. it will mark his fourth time in the bay area since may.
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save up to 35% of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ our developing story, bart trains are being stopped at the 16th street bart station in san francisco due to a police investigation. this is all related to an officer-involved shooting in san francisco earlier this evening in the mission district near 14th. a spontaneous protest also broke out by upwards of 100 people in the area. that protest seems to have simmered down now. police are still in the area
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investigating the shooting, and because of, that the 16th street bart station has been stopped by police as they continue their investigation. we'll continue to keep an update on that. tonight we are also hearing from the family of a child who was shot in oakland while sleeping in his bed. this is his picture. we're going to have that part of the story in a moment. but first, the late of the on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators here at oakland police headquarters are trying to find a mote i have been for an --
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man, they were awful the past three nights. who cares? 9-2 giants. sergio romo getting in the act. >> i know it's not an alex smith jersey, but he's the man as well. got to show support. they love us, we love them. and we back you guys up all the way! >> there you go. the a's rolling in detroit, okay? they had lost the first two games. bring up the tiger highlights. that's how the a's make them dress, as wrestlers. nobody hurt, nobody embarrassed. the a's have a 4-3 lead. here committee a's today! george
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doing his business. final score was 12-4. so the a's and baltimore now tied atop the wildcard. if the season ended right now, they'd both be in. angels 4.5 back. washington and cincinnati clinched playoff berths tonight. the alex smith story, he suffered a laceration on his nose sliding sunday night against detroit. the official blew it. he was too busy calling a holding penalty. but he was bloodied up. nice baby face had a mark on it! smith talking about his nose. >> i felt pretty good coming into this game, except for the nose. >> is it sore? >> pretty cosmetic . not too bad. just kind of a surface thing. it's tough for me to look any tougher, but i guess this helps. [ laughter ] >> i detect all media laughs.
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and i think, pam , i think that was anne kelly. she has a high laugh. [ laughter ] >> working for the chronicle and in a good mood. the new york giants, cam newton not so hot tonight for carolina. and this darn eli manning, everybody says, well, he's peyton's little brother. peyton is looking up to him when it comes to super bowls! manning to martellus bennett, first giant in history with a touchdown catch in his first three games. manning throws for 288 yards, 36-7. giants are 2-1. something to talk about in the golf world. rumblings that tiger woods may be a little intimidated by rory mcilroy. the reason being, he usually doesn't socialize one
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anyway, but he's buddy-buddy with him. woods today shot 66, he's tied with justin rose's tournament just outside atlanta. and mcilroy 1 under 69 and is 3 shots back. and chris mullin, his he left the golden state warriors, hall of fame player, didn't work out as a general manager but now he's become in the organization with this new ownership group. even brought his gold medal today. let the little girls kiss his gold medal. and that's always a good -- a lot of franchises do it, some don't. but if you have people that were popular for a time, why not bring them back? especially popular guys like mullin? don't just bring them back and poor guy needs a free sandwich. bring them back when
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